Static Template

Besides Aplós being a VitePress theme, it also includes a simple HTML & CSS template referred to as the 'Static Template'. It's nicely paired with components that help you create a website in minutes. Luckily, it's really easy to set up.


Getting it on your local machine by running the following command in your terminal:

git clone

Once you've got it cloned, dive into the index.html file, make your tweaks, and done!


Inside the index.html file, you'll find a style section with a customizable color palette. Want a change? Go for it! Modify the text, add elements as you wish. For a inspiration, check out the Demo Page. Creating cards like the warning card? Just add an element with the id "warning", toss in an <h1 /> and a <p />, and you're good to go.

⚠ Warning

Please note that this template may have a slight lag behind the latest version. This intentional approach allows for a greater focus on improving the main version rather than constantly catching up with every release. After about six major commits, the template will receive a polished update to the latest version.

Heads Up

Some elements, like the 404 page, are designed specifically for the VitePress theme.


Deploying your masterpiece is a piece of cake since it's just simple HTML & CSS. Here are a few platforms I personally recommend:

  1. Codeberg Pages
  2. GitHub Pages
  3. GitLab Pages
  4. Whatever you think works the best for you

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