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A sleek, contemporary, and purposefully designed VitePress theme & Static Template. It provides a straightforward solution for creating a quick web page, offering essential features for comfortable writing while maintaining a sense of simplicity.

Screenshot of Aplos
Screenshot of Aplos
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  • Lightweight and minimalistic, using VitePress.
  • Elegantly styled with a primary color theme for a visually pleasing experience.
  • Mobile-friendly design with support for dark mode.
  • Optimized for social media sharing with meta cards.
  • Utilizes premium fonts: Inter for text and Source Code Pro for code snippets.
  • Local development made easy with NPM/PNPM integration.


The name 'Aplós', pronounced as /aplós/ is the Romanized representation of the Greek word 'Απλός,' which translates to 'Simple'. This naming choice showcases the essence of the project— it's dedication to providing users with a traightforward and modern web experience. Aplós is centered around the philosophy of simplicity, aiming to deliver an uncomplicated and contemporary solution for website creation.

Try & Use

To try and use this project you can check the Guide I made.

Learn about it

You can learn more about this project on the file.

Thanks ❤ & Credits️:

  • Duckquill, from where I got inspired to create this project (and many ideas are from there)
  • Inter, used for all Sans Serif text.
  • Source Code Pro, used for code snippets.
  • VitePress, which is used to power Aplós.
  • Everyone that supported the project.